Shirobako: A White Box of Expectations

[Cthuko] Shirobako - 02 [720p H264 AAC][A7A70786].mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2014.11.01_20.01.08]I really wasn’t sure what I expected when I picked up Shirobako. When you have names like P.A. Works attached to a name like Mizushima Tsutomu (Girls und Panzer, Another, Squid Girl), it’s really difficult to predict what kind of show it would end up being. Sure, you hear stuff like “Mizushima has a really dim view of the anime industry”, or how Glasslip was a total disaster for P.A. Works, but overall it’s hard to gauge exactly what to expect for an original work.

Nine episodes in, and I’m really glad I picked up this show. Shirobako has been nothing short of amazing.

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