[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 6 Special – Interview with Kayano Ai

Note: I’m really sorry for only putting this out now. This was actually the first interview I translated for the show, but I decided to put it off until I translated the ones before it. I’m honestly quite disillusioned by the adaptation, which is why I won’t be doing the rest of the interviews anymore. I might find time to squeeze in Episode 3’s interview somewhere, but I won’t make any promises.

This is a special interview with Kayano Ai (Sakura Megu’s voice actress) after the recording session of Gakkou Gurashi episode 6. The original transcript can be found here. Enjoy!

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[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 2 – Interview with Ozawa Ari and Minase Inori

This is a translation of the interview with Ozawa Ari (Kurumi) and Minase Inori (Yuki) after Gakkou Gurashi episode 2’s recording session. The original transcript can be found here. As always, spoilers for episode 2 ahead. Enjoy reading!

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[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 1 – Cast Interview

This is a special interview with the Gakkou Gurashi cast after episode 1’s recording session. The original source is here. Before anyone asks, yes, I plan on translating all of them eventually. It goes without saying, but there are spoilers for episode 1 ahead. Enjoy reading!

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