[Anime Secret Santa 2015] Akatsuki no Yona


Author’s note: This is not a review, but rather some reflections I had after finishing the series. There are light spoilers ahead.

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[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 6 Special – Interview with Kayano Ai

Note: I’m really sorry for only putting this out now. This was actually the first interview I translated for the show, but I decided to put it off until I translated the ones before it. I’m honestly quite disillusioned by the adaptation, which is why I won’t be doing the rest of the interviews anymore. I might find time to squeeze in Episode 3’s interview somewhere, but I won’t make any promises.

This is a special interview with Kayano Ai (Sakura Megu’s voice actress) after the recording session of Gakkou Gurashi episode 6. The original transcript can be found here. Enjoy!

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[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 2 – Interview with Ozawa Ari and Minase Inori

This is a translation of the interview with Ozawa Ari (Kurumi) and Minase Inori (Yuki) after Gakkou Gurashi episode 2’s recording session. The original transcript can be found here. As always, spoilers for episode 2 ahead. Enjoy reading!

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[Translation] Gakkou Gurashi Episode 1 – Cast Interview

This is a special interview with the Gakkou Gurashi cast after episode 1’s recording session. The original source is here. Before anyone asks, yes, I plan on translating all of them eventually. It goes without saying, but there are spoilers for episode 1 ahead. Enjoy reading!

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The Value of Youth – Adolescence and Anime

Back in my second year of high school, on the first day of classes, I introduced myself as someone who had psychic powers.

Unlike most “spaghetti” stories that you might hear, this didn’t really amount to much. It’s a thing that people forgot about as the year went by. For a while I was into psychic powers, even buying a book on how to develop them. Although I eventually gave up on getting them, my chuunibyou still persisted in a different form after having played Persona 4: I would believe that I had Social Links with my friends that I could raise by talking to them more often, and that I could classify my small circle of friends into the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. I thought that I was above all of my social connections; that all of my friends would stay my friends forever, and that I could manipulate all of my relationships into the way I wanted them to be.

I, like many other teenagers during the same period of our lives, wanted to stand out.

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deepbluejeer’s Top 10 Anime of 2014

[HorribleSubs] Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.01_[2014.07.21_15.06.11]

Me upon realizing that this year is almost over.

2014 was a year full of decent, entertaining shows, but once I started compiling this list, I found that not a whole lot of shows particularly stood out. It was easy to find ten anime that I wouldn’t hesitate to put on this list, but if I removed any of them, I found it difficult to find a replacement. I’ve never been the type to try out every single show that airs in a season, so maybe it’s just a matter of having a low sample size. In any case, 2014 may not be a year of great anime, but it was definitely a year of fun anime.

(Note: this list includes anime that ended in 2014, and movies whose home releases were released in 2014)

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Shirobako: A White Box of Expectations

[Cthuko] Shirobako - 02 [720p H264 AAC][A7A70786].mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2014.11.01_20.01.08]I really wasn’t sure what I expected when I picked up Shirobako. When you have names like P.A. Works attached to a name like Mizushima Tsutomu (Girls und Panzer, Another, Squid Girl), it’s really difficult to predict what kind of show it would end up being. Sure, you hear stuff like “Mizushima has a really dim view of the anime industry”, or how Glasslip was a total disaster for P.A. Works, but overall it’s hard to gauge exactly what to expect for an original work.

Nine episodes in, and I’m really glad I picked up this show. Shirobako has been nothing short of amazing.

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Hanamonogatari: Regret and the Sweet Taste of Misfortune

[Commie] Hanamonogatari [E055B3E8].mkv_snapshot_00.05.23_[2014.09.01_01.27.34]There’s really something special about Monogatari when it can make two hours of material cover two characters just talking and baring their souls to each other and still make it very rich and compelling. Of course, quite a bit of it has to do with the characters involved in conversation. It’s interesting how Hanamonogatari – compared to the rest of the series – feels more “normal” just by changing its viewpoint character. Kanbaru, compared to the viewpoint characters thus far (Araragi, Hanekawa, Nadeko, Kaiki), is very normal. She’s just your typical, jealous girl who got involved with something that she shouldn’t have meddled with.

On the other side of the coin, there’s Numachi. Unlike Kanbaru – whose problems were caused by her taking action – Numachi’s problems were caused by her inaction. Kanbaru and Numachi are pretty much complete opposites – offense and defense, action and inaction, fortunate and unfortunate, God (原) and the Devil. Quite fitting for a pair known as archenemies on the basketball court.

Which is perhaps what makes Hanamonogatari so fascinating: it’s two hours of Kanbaru and Numachi baring their souls to each other. Two completely different characters trying to come to an understanding is a timeless form of conflict. Hanamonogatari is the Monogatari Series‘ spin on the oldest form of conflict known to storytelling.

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Spring 2014 Roundup

Welcome to my Spring 2014 Roundup. On my roundup posts, I’ll be posting my final impressions of the shows I pick up every season. I normally don’t pick up more than ten shows a season, and I don’t like writing lengthy reviews of a whole show, so I’d rather lump all my impressions for the shows I watched in one post. I won’t give any ratings on this post; you can easily just check my MAL account for those.

That said, I’m satisfied with my picks this season, overall. This might be the first season where I’ve watched all the shows I picked up to the end.

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