makifaceAbout this blog

A blog dedicated to anime and eroge (mostly eroge) run by @deepbluejeer. The name of the blog comes from a piece from the Aiyoku no Eustia OST, “One of Episodes”. It is also the first eroge I completed in Japanese.
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What to expect

This blog will consist, for the most part, of write-ups and essays on the eroge/visual novels I finish. I will also be translating song lyrics for songs I like as practice for my reading comprehension – as such, if there are errors in my translations, kindly point them out in the comments sections. When I feel like it, I will also post impressions on some anime that I am currently watching. At the end of the season, if I watched enough shows, I will write a Season Roundup where I will post impressions of the shows I watched for that season.



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