On eden* and the Beauty of Impermanence

ss (2014-08-05 at 12.30.25)いつか、全ての物は終わりに向かう
All things will meet their end someday.

A scholar named Motoori Norinaga gave the name mono no aware (物の哀れ) to the feeling of beauty evoked by the impermanence of things. No term better describes the feeling that eden*there were only two, on the planet – or eden – evokes from the reader. eden is the story of people seeking paradise – the Garden of Eden promised to mankind – to avoid the inevitable end about to befall the planet.

eden takes place far into the future, when an ominous red star appears in the sky to signal the destruction of the Earth. Within a century of the star’s appearance, human technology efforts were poured into the survival of humanity past the Earth’s destruction. A race of genetically-engineered humans with superior intellectual capability – the Felix – were created to manage the Earth Escape Project – the research and development of emigration space ships that will allow humanity to escape Earth.

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