[EN Lyrics] ずるいよ Magnetic Today! (Love Live 2nd Season BD Single 2)

love live bd single 2Title: ずるいよ Magnetic Today! (Zurui yo Magnetic Today!)
Artist: Maki Nishikino (CV: Pile), Nico Yazawa (CV: Sora Tokui)
From: Love Live! 2nd Season BD Vol. 2 Single

Do you like NicoMaki? Do you like tsundere bickering? Do you like Nico and Maki as a bickering tsundere couple? Then this song is for you. Enjoy.

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[EN Lyrics] KiRa-KiRa Sensation!! (Love Live! 2nd Season episode 12 Insert Song)

CoverTitle: KiRa-KiRa Sensation!!
Artist: μ‘s
From: Love Live! 2nd Season episode 12 (KiRa-KiRa Sensation!!/Happy Maker!)

A pretty easy song to translate. Aki Hata sure knows how to give emotional punches in her lyrics. I translated this because the song’s lyrics add a lot of value to the ending concert in episode 12. Enjoy!

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Spring 2014 Roundup

Welcome to my Spring 2014 Roundup. On my roundup posts, I’ll be posting my final impressions of the shows I pick up every season. I normally don’t pick up more than ten shows a season, and I don’t like writing lengthy reviews of a whole show, so I’d rather lump all my impressions for the shows I watched in one post. I won’t give any ratings on this post; you can easily just check my MAL account for those.

That said, I’m satisfied with my picks this season, overall. This might be the first season where I’ve watched all the shows I picked up to the end.

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