Fate/Extra CCC: A Love Story, A Story of Love


Let’s start this post by talking about Type-Moon.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this blog – nay, my entire presence on Twitter – would not have been possible had I not discovered Type-Moon’s VNs. The first ever eroge I played was Tsukihime, more than 6 years ago. It’s been so long now that I barely remember how it all went; all I know is that it became my gateway to this niche hobby that’s now pretty much inseparable from my online identity. Over the past few years, I’ve immersed myself in the Type-Moon community – I read and watched pretty much every translated Type-Moon thing from the original Fate/stay night VN to the very obscure Angel Notes short story.

At some point, I stopped. You could say I grew out of the obsession – all that was left to do in the T-M community were power level arguments and wait for translations to come out of thin air.

Fast forward to July-August 2015, when Fate/Grand Order got released. At first, I was planning to play it only for Sakurai Hikaru’s portions of the scenario. But there was no escape from the moment I installed the game on my phone – I fell hopelessly in love once more with the dumb memes, the quirky but incredibly fun characters, and the vast setting that the franchise is known for. But on the other hand, coming back to the Fate/ franchise after a long absence also led to a realization:

No one in the English Type-Moon community knows what they’re talking about.

Spending my time lurking /vg/’s and Reddit’s Fate/Grand Order threads, as well as seeing various opinions on the recent Unlimited Blade Works anime has only reinforced that opinion. Much of the opinions I’ve seen on Fate/stay night – and by extension, Kinoko Nasu as a writer – are based on horribly twisted “common knowledge” and endlessly-parroted memes on Nasu’s knowledge of sexual intercourse and proper writing – both of which can be blamed on sub-par translations and adaptations of his games. (As a side note: criticism of the original work’s prose based on a poor translation is a whole other can of worms to open, but that requires an entirely different post so I won’t dwell on that here.)

But I digress; I’m not here to talk about my opinions on the Type-Moon community. I’m here to talk about Fate/Extra CCC – the sequel (kinda) to a game that sits on the fringes of the Fate/ franchise. As you can imagine, there is little to no information about the game that makes it to the English community; even I knew next to nothing about CCC before I played it. If you follow me on Twitter, you should have already seen me spam your timelines with heaps of praises about the game. So let me spend the rest of this post explaining just what Fate/Extra CCC is, and why this game will perhaps be the most memorable work I’ve experienced from Type-Moon thus far.

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