[Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Recipe] Return of Red-Eyes

ss (2015-07-10 at 08.06.53)And now for something completely different.

I’ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! a lot recently, mostly out of nostalgia and curiosity towards how the game’s evolved in the 8 years that I haven’t played it. While I have to admit that the game is stupidly broken at this point, it still holds the same appeal to me as it did back then: that is, being able to summon a lot of things to wreck your opponent’s shit.

Tying back to that nostalgia, I’ve decided to revisit the classic Yu-Gi-Oh cards and see if any of them can still be used today. I’ve experimented with Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician decks before, so obviously, a Red-Eyes deck would be next in line. Coincidentally, the recent card releases have brought a lot of new cards to the Red-Eyes archetype, expanding it from a small series of cards to a full-fledged playable deck. After a lot of experimentation, I’ve reached a deck build that I’m pretty satisfied with. This post will be about that build.

Note: This deck recipe was designed for use in YGOPro using the TCG format. This deck is usable for the April 2015 banlist.

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