[Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Recipe] Dawn of the Cyber Angels

ss (2016-05-19 at 05.47.09)

Ritual Monsters are my favorite out of the five Monster Card types (Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum) in Yu-Gi-Oh. Unfortunately, Ritual Monsters have been neglected the most compared to the other Monster types. While Nekroz was everywhere for a while, it became pretty clear that it’s way too powerful and received nerf after nerf until it’s no longer as good as before. After the success of Nekroz, there just haven’t been any strong Ritual archetypes. A friend played a Prediction Princess Shaddolls deck before, but that also got a huge nerf with the banning of El Shaddoll Construct.

So when the Cyber Angels got announced as a Ritual-focused deck, of course I had to try it out. I had encountered Saffira Herald control decks before, and the announcement of Ritual Sanctuary immediately jumped at me: this archetype had the potential to make that deck more usable. And most importantly, they’re hot waifus. There’s no way I won’t be trying this deck out.

After a few tries in messing around with the deck, I finally found a deck recipe that worked out for me. So how exactly do the Cyber Angels fare as an archetype so far?

(Note: This deck was built for the 2016.4 TCG banlist.)

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