[EN Lyrics] Asphodelus (Aiyoku no Eustia OP)

Title: Asphodelus
Artist: Ceui
From: Aiyoku no Eustia opening theme

This is my first attempt at translating song lyrics. I’m not really much of a poet, so I chose to go for a more straightforward translation rather than render it in verse. There’s a couple of lines that I’m not sure of too – particularly 乱れ咲く花より深く 優しく口づけてください. But I hope my translation got the image across: the song’s point of view becomes pretty clear once you finish Aiyoku no Eustia. Enjoy.

囚われた絶望の淵で 私を抱きしめてください
Please embrace me, for I am trapped in the depths of despair
静寂に埋め尽くされ 一人で凍えてる
I freeze alone, buried deep in silence
崩れ落ちてゆ楽園の果てで 忘れられた祈りが響いてる
At the end of the fallen paradise, forgotten prayers echo
支配する闇の中でも涸れない愛よ 目覚めよ 永久に
Though this world is ruled by darkness, Love, sleep no longer!

Wrap me in your fingers when I fall into eternal loneliness
叫ぶこの心が 悲しみを愛せるように
My heart screams to embrace my sorrow
But I’ve yet to see the light

乱れ咲く花より深く 優しく口づけてください
Kiss me gently as the flowers bloom in disarray
躊躇いの吐息さえも 命を灯してく
Even your hesitant breath will bring me back to life
滲む幻に 祝宴の鐘を その温もり素肌に伝うまで
Within my fading illusions, the bells of celebration ring for as long as my body is warm
迸る嵐の中も止まない 愛よ目覚めよ
Inside the raging, unending storm, Love, awaken!

抗えぬ願いを その瞳(め)で迎えてください
I want you to look at the desire I can no longer fight
出会えた喜びに 震えてる裸の心で
My bare heart trembles from the joy of meeting you
求める あの残酷の彼方へ
Now I can head on to the cruel hereafter

零れ散る涙が きらきらと風に舞う頃
The tears from my eyes glitter and dance in the wind
絆を痛みをください 永遠に消えないように
May the pain from our bond stay with me forever

無限に降る孤独を わたしに預けてください
Let me keep the eternal loneliness I fell into
喚び合えた心が 扉を放ち羽ばたく
My heart opens the door as it hears your call,
近づく あの始まりの天空(そら)へ
and it approaches the sky where it all began.


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